Come Write for 8 Bit Soul!

by Feb 24, 2017

We’re Hiring!

Well kinda, read on to find out more!

8 Bit Soul is looking for a 2-3 committed individuals willing to provide at least one piece of work per week. We’re looking for articles, reviews, how-to pieces, videos and more! Take your pick, you can choose what you want to write about.

Who we’re looking for:

  • First, and most importantly, you need to be familiar with the world of ‘geek culture’. From comic books to movies, tv, video games, table top games, board games, computers, and more. We want people that love them and are willing to write about them.
  • You have a unique voice that comes through in your writing. We’re looking for people that can bring their own identity to something, bring their own unique experience to an article, or video. We don’t want a piece that feels like some corporate press release, we want to hear your own voice come through in your writing. Just make sure it’s not all of the voices in your head coming through, that could get akward.
  • You have a good amount of time you can commit to this role. We’re looking for writers who can commit in advance to one piece a week. Not everything needs to be a lengthy feature; sometimes it can be a quick review of a comic released that week, or a 2 minute video discussing the latest rumors about your favorite game. We’re looking to ensure that we don’t hit a lull during the week.
  • You have ideas for your own pieces and projects, and are also willing to accept assignments. Do you play Magic the Gathering with friends every week, want to write about your experience of how you got into the game and what it means to you? Great! Do you have your own idea for a topic that’s not already covered here at 8 Bit Soul, we’re looking for that too. We want you to bring your originality to the plate and we’re going to give you a platform to express it on, as long as it’s reasonable.

What you’ll get:

  • Not money, unfortunately. If we’re being totally honest here, none of use make any money off of this site. Not.A.Penny. Maybe that will change though, with more exposure we could get into opportunities that will present financial rewards. We’re not promising anything though. Remember the old saying, it’s better to give than receive? Yeah, we’re big believers of that.
  • The biggest thing you will get? Better. Want to improve your writing? That will happen when you write more. You’ll never get perfect, but you’ll get better. What better way to get better than to write for us?
  • Exposure/Community/New Friends! Want to write for one of the heavy hitters in the future? Writing for us can help you build that portfolio. When you join 8 Bit Soul you’ll also be joining a community of people that enjoy the same things you do. We play games, we read a lot, we love sharing the things we love and you’ll get to be part of that community. You’ll also make some new friends, and who doesn’t love new friends, especially friends with the same interest as you!

How to apply:

  • Send us a brief introduction letter (brief = should all fit on one page) about who you are, what you like, what your experience is, and why you want to do this.
  • As part of that introduction letter, include some pitches for things you’d like to see on the site/article ideas you have.
  • Send 2 writing samples that showcase your range as a writer. They can both be on topics you like, but related to the world of comic books, movies, tv, games, etc. Remember to use your writing voice, we want something that showcases who you are.

Send your letter and writing samples to

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below or shoot an email to the address above.