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Zombieland Score 0%


Zombie movies have regained a bit of a resurgence since 28 Days Later, and for the most part have proved to be very successful at the box office. The latest zombie movie to hit theaters is Zombieland, from first time director Ruben Fleischer […]

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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Score 0%

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

DC Comics has made an outstanding effort in releasing numerous animated films based on their intellectual properties. They’ve had their hits and misses, but for the most part they’ve managed to put […]

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Whiteout Score 0%


Hollywood has been tapping the world of comic books for ideas for a while now, and unfortunately most of the time they’ve managed to pervert the original source material enough that about the only thing it resembles to its original material is its name […]

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Katsuhiro Otomo has always been one of my favorite writers and artists. From his amazing Akira to the outstanding Domu, he was always able to weave the perfect story. His characters had so much life and depth that you always walked away feeling like you got the whole story […]

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