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Tag: Warner Bros.

Whiteout Score 0%


Hollywood has been tapping the world of comic books for ideas for a while now, and unfortunately most of the time they’ve managed to pervert the original source material enough that about the only thing it resembles to its original material is its name […]

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At this years E3 event, one Nintendo DS game stood out from the rest. It garnered probably the most attention and hype of any game presented and the fact that the game was for the DS made it all the more remarkable. Developed by a US studio […]

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Batman: Arkham Asylum

One of the most highly anticipated games of the year has finally arrived, Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. DonAsyluning the mantle of the Dark Knight, Arkham Asylulm has you assuming the role of the caped crusader as he delivers the Joker […]

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Watchmen Score 90%


This is probably one of the more difficult reviews I’ve ever had to write. I grew up reading...

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