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About the Lonely Ronin

So what’s the Lonely Ronin about?

Well it’s just a place to gather my thoughts. A place to share things I find interesting or funny. A place to let loose and rant about whatever floats my boat. It’s a place to share things I want. Basically, it’s my stage.

It’s my world and I get to control everything and anything when it comes my kingdom. I’m the King, the Shogunate, Emperor, President, Dictator and more! I guess that’s one of the nice things about carving out a little space on this vast ocean of emptiness.

Now and then you might find some things offensive, for which I don’t apologize. Remember, it’s my little space on an ever expanding internet. If you don’t like it I suggest you go start your own place. Really, it can be quite fun!

Why name it the Lonely Ronin?

Why not?

Not good enough? Ok fine, well if you don’t know what a Ronin is it’s an old Japanese warrior who was once a Samurai. When he became master-less, for any number of reasons, he was known as a Ronin.

In Japanese ronin also means a wave, like the type you find in the ocean.

So I guess you can say I’m just one wave in a vast ocean, or maybe I’m just wandering master-less. Marching to my own drum.

My Gamertags

XBL: juventuz

PSN: juventuz

Wii U: juventuz

iOS: juventuz

Steam: juventuz

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