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Tag: EA Sports

FIFA Soccer 10

FIFA Soccer 09 effectively knocked PES 2009 off its perch and gained the title of best football, or soccer as us Yanks call it, game. With FIFA Soccer 10, EA Sports has managed to hold onto the title and actually pull ahead a little. […]

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NHL 10

For years EA Sports had lagged behind its rival 2K’s NHL series, but last year was a game changer. NHL 09 became the superior hockey game for consoles, giving fans the quality hockey game they deserved. It also presented EA

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Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 3 was, at its time, the best boxing game ever released for any console. The game mechanics were top notch and it was one of the best looking games out there. With the announcement of Fight Night Round 4, anticipation […]

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NHL 09

NHL 08 was a vast improvement over its predecessor, catapulting it to seven Game of the Year...

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