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My JLA Movie

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When the Avengers movie was announced I felt like the geeks had won. The masses where finally going to understand what every comic fan already knew. It was going to be awesome, and it was. The JLA does not hold a special place in my heart…

JLA has an issue. If you are proposing having Superman in the world of nolan’s Batman I don’t want to see it. I’m not even going to go into Aqua Man and Wonderwoman showing up. The achievements of Batman would be diluted. But there is one story that I consider JLA that I hold near and dear to my hear, Kingdom Come…

What Nolan did for the Batman franchise is astonishing. He brought the character we know and love in the comics and brought him to life for the world to see. The general population finally understands the depth of Batman. That is no small task…

With the right director Kingdom Come would be an amazing theatrical experience. It’s a story about morality. What it means to be a hero, and what doing the right thing really means. That is the JLA I want the general public to know about. The achievements of that story is something you could be proud to say you are a fan of. One of the reasons for this is even though you are presented with hundreds of superheroes you don’t need to know the characters to understand what’s going on…

Alex Ross is a master, and Kingdom Come was one of his finest works. The thought of a director ruining the movie adaptation terrifies me. I have no desire to see this quality of work tarnished in the attempt to make a dollar. But, I do have faith that the comic movie genre has matured enough to understand the perils of needless revisions.



My JLA Movie

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