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Resident Evil 3: Extinction

Hopefully the last one...

There are movies that are so bad they are good. Resident Evil 3 is not that kind of bad movie. There really are no redeeming qualities to this movie. The soundtrack was cut in a fashion that there was no question when a “scary event” would occur. Basically, it’s the only time the soundtrack goes silent. The cinematography was uninspiring. There wasn’t an ounce of logic in this movie what so ever. Let’s say you where going to drive a caravan through the desert for 5 years. Would you choose a Hummer and a School Bus? The question has finally been answered as to how you can hold back thousands of Zombies, it’s a chain link fence. The desert will reclaim Los Vegas, but will leave all of the highways leading to it completely sand free. Some people think that making a more intelligent Zombie is the way to domesticate them. And in case your wondering, dropping a BMW motorcycle from 5 feet will cause it to crumble into millions of pieces. On top of these thoughts of wisdoms you are confronted with the type of cliche events that just make you groan. You’ve got the guy that gets bit and takes longer then any given person to turn. You have the secondary hero that sacrifices himself because he got bit. You even have the unintended use of telekinesis. If you see this movie on TV at 2 o’clock in the morning 10 years from now… you might not fall asleep watching it.



Resident Evil 3: Extinction

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