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I’m a HUGE X-Men fan, having started reading the comic when I was nine years old. So when the first X-Men movie came out I had some hesitations, but Bryan Singer did a great job and all my fears were alleviated. I came out of the theater realizing that there was no way everything could be fit into a movie, there was just too much history. X2 came out and it was better than the first, so you know they were going to make a third film. Unfortunately Bryan Singer dropped out to do Superman Returns so X3 was left directorless. In stepped Matthew Vaughan, the director of Layer Cake and producer of the Guy Ritchie movies. Having loved Layer Cake I felt that X3 was in good hand, unfortunately Vaughan left as director and Brett Ratner was soon named the new director.

I was not pleased with his selection what so ever, afterall this was the guy that did Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2 and ruined Red Dragon. All through production I was reading negative reviews, mainly from the shlubs over at Ain’t It Cool News. Comments Ratner had made made me even more nervous, but I felt that I had to hold all judgement until I actually saw the movie. So I arranged for a baby sitter and headed out to see X3 on opening night.

The movie opened with a bang, and we finally get to see the infamous Sentinel’s and the Danger Room. We finally get to see more of Colossus and Kitty and it doesn’t dissapoint. I’m not going to ruin the movie for anyone, so I won’t be discussing any spoilers, but I do want to touch on the fact that Ratner actually did a good job. With the introduction of all the new characters there was not a lot of time to develop them all, but you got a good idea where everyone stood and what they were capable of doing.

The special effects were amazing, especially the scene with the Golden Gate Bridge, and Weta must be commended for their great work. Colossus looked a little too liquidy for my tastes, but I was just happy to see him.

Overall the acting was pretty good, with Ian McKellan putting in a great performance. I tought Vinnie Jones was the perfect Juggernaut as well. Kelsey Grammar did a great job as the Beast too. I’d say that Ratner did a pretty damn good job, I couldn’t tell the difference between his stuff and Singers. So in the end I was happy.




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    I’m going to have to agree… The movie was throughly entertaining. Ratner picked up the style and ran with what Singer had laid out for him. Still, the comic geek in me wishes it was possible to just follow the history the comic has laid out and neglect the millions of people that like the movies without having read the books. I know it’s not possible but I’d like it. For anyone that isn’t a comic geek I’d say they would have no complaints with X3. If you haven’t seen it yet stay till after the credits there is an extra scene.

    Rating 4.5 out of 5


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