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Gears of War


First off I’ve only played the game for a few hours, but it’s been a great few hours. When I first picked up my XBox 360 I told my wife I’d only buy a new game once I finished all the games I already had, this way I could justify shelling out for the system, accessories and games. With my old XBox I had well over 20 games and I never finished all of them. With that being said, it was time for a new game, which may be similar to since the other games I have have been completed. 

It was one hell of a journey getting this game, on my lunch break I went to Toys R Us, GameStop, EB Games, Sears and FYE searching for the game and everywhere I went said that they hadn’t received it yet. It seems that FedEx messed up and left all the shipments in Memphis, so back to work I went but not before I called Circuit City and got the same message. Dejected I went back to work but was still feeling the itch for the game so I started calling around. First place I called and I lucked out, Target had received their shipment on Tuesday night so they had about 24 or so in stock. So I jetted over there and picked up my copy, which was lucky because they only had three copies left. Jackpot! But it had to wait until I got home from work. Long story short I got home, had to watch Alex, cooked dinner, watched some shows we tivo’d and finally I was able to play Gears of War.

WOW, that’s one way to describe this game. While gameplay isn’t revolutionized the graphics are simply amazing. The world in which Gears of War takes place in looks real, it’s demolished, but at the same time looks like it used to be a beautiful place. The details are absolutely amazing, every inch has detail. With that being said, the look of the game will only get you so far. I’ve been playing in the single-player campaign mode and so far its made for some fun shoot em up scenarios. Epic, the studio behind the game, added some nice in game features; allowing the player a diverse move set when taking cover being a highlight. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve only logged a few hours and there’s plenty more to go but so far I’m enjoying my ride. I know there’s a lot more to learn and experience and I can’t wait.

To sum it up, I love this game. It’s fun, addicting and beautiful to look at. I know there’s a lot of hype out there and a lot of haters as well, but the hype is there for a reason. This is truly what a next gen game should look like. Once I finish the campaign mode I’ll join in on the online fun.

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    A nother Gears of War Review
    Gears of War (GoW) is a beautiful 3rd person shooter by Epic available only on the Xbox 360. A grim view of the future in a world overrun by an alien invasion leaves to plenty of enemies to shoot, blow up, and chainsaw with some of the smoothest character animations we’ve ever seen in a game. You can play the game in three different modes; Solo, Co-op, and Live.

    The Solo and Co-op game is excellent, yet somewhat short. If you play the game solo you will have an ai team helping you along the way following a decent story through an alien invasion. The Co-op game follows the exact same storyline and game play with the exception that one of the players is now controlling on of the ai team members from the Solo game.

    GoW on Xbox Live is alittle lack luster. The game is still beautiful looking. You have three different types of game play on a half a dozen or so rather small stages. All of these different types of game play boils down to kill everyone on the other team. There are no capture the flag or any other type of games that most PC games have had for years. You are limited to 4 on 4 (Locust vs Humans). They are able to update online and have added 2 new levels so far. My real complaint about GoW online is that they really seemed to short sell the online game. Playing less then a dozen small levels against only a few people gets very repetitive.

    All and All Gears of War is the best looking game on the market and a very entertaining buy for the 360. It set the footing for a truly awesome game which simple only needs more of what they have already done. A longer single player game along with more options for the online play would have made this game a long lasting classic. This game will keep you entertained until then.



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